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Does Sedation Dentistry Have Any Side Effects?

Avoiding dental work because of fear and anxiety is very common. The Journal of the American Dental Association reports that as many as 92 million Americans are afraid to undergo necessary dental work. According to the American Association of Endodontists, 5 to 10 percent of American adults are so scared of dental treatment that they avoid it at all costs.

Fortunately, dental sedation techniques are available to significantly improve the experience and make it more pleasant and comfortable. When administered by the Champagne Smiles team — all of whom have the appropriate education and training — sedation dentistry medications are safe. However, keep in mind that some sedation dentistry medications do have several side effects, including the following:


Certain sedation medications can cause you to feel a little groggy after your procedure. To be safe, we strongly recommend that a family member or friend accompany you to your appointment and, afterward, drive you home and stay with you for a few hours as the effects of the sedation wear off.

No Memory of the Dental Appointment

Typically, our patients who receive oral conscious sedation medication, IV sedation or general anesthesia have little to no recollection of their appointment. And we understand that most patients prefer it this way! If you receive these medications, it may feel as though your procedure only lasted a few minutes. Don’t worry: this is only temporary and will not persist once the medication wears off.

Adverse Reaction to Other Medications

In rare cases, some sedation medications may counteract with other medications. It’s important that you give our team a list of all of the over-the-counter and prescription medications and drugs that you currently take. Also, please notify our team of any illnesses (especially respiratory problems) or known allergic reactions. This will help us select the safest and most appropriate sedative for your needs.

Learn More about Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry enables you to receive the care you need in a comfortable and pain-free appointment. If you have any questions about the sedation dentistry techniques that we use at Champagne Smiles, please call 732-972-0918 or email our office today.

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