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Conscious Oral Sedation in New Jersey – Champagne Smiles

Dental fears and phobias affect numerous people, causing them to avoid dentist appointments and jeopardize their oral health. Regardless of the cause of the phobia – childhood trauma, painful experience as an adult or a psychological condition – it prevents patients from seeking treatment when necessary and pursuing preventative procedures that could keep their teeth healthy and beautiful. In order to help fearful patients enhance their smiles in an anxiety-free fashion, the doctors at Champagne Smiles offer several forms of sedation dentistry, including oral conscious sedation. To learn more, peruse the paragraphs below.

Oral Conscious Sedation: What Is It?

Oral conscious sedation is a sedation technique administered in the form of one or more pills, as needed. The medication is taken before you arrive at Champagne Smiles’ office and/ or at the office. The medication will begin to take effect within 30–60 minutes. Once the medication is absorbed by the body, most patients experience a sleep-like state whereby they are completely calm and unaffected by what’s going on. However, they are actually awake and able to respond to questions. This is why the technique is called oral conscious sedation. Oral conscious sedation includes the medicine and careful monitoring of the patient during the treatment.

Sedation Dentistry Promotion

There is a large variety of oral sedation drugs, such as Valium, Halcion, Restoril and Ativan. All of these drugs belong to the Benzodiazepine family. They work by affecting brain cells responsible for fear, anxiety and relaxation. Essentially, Benzodiazepines decrease the activity of fear-producing brain cells and instead promote a sensation of deep relaxation.

Oral conscious sedation patients often have little or no recollection of what happened during their treatments. Many patients say that the last thing they remember clearly is the beginning of the treatment, and then they “suddenly” find themselves walking to the car. As a result, they have no unpleasant memories of the procedures and they might even feel naturally calmer going in for the next dentist’s appointment.

Conscious Oral Sedation: Is It For Me?

Oral conscious sedation might be for you if you experience moderate dental anxiety. If you know that you won’t be able to endure your procedure without sedation or you are worried that you might suffer an anxiety attack in the middle of the procedure, ask one of the doctors at Champagne Smiles about conscious sedation. In addition, oral sedation is very helpful for patients who suffer from extreme gagging during dental treatments.

Conscious sedation is also a good option for patients who desire to pursue a number of procedures during a single office visit. NJ oral conscious sedation patients usually report that they feel that the treatment lasted only minutes when in fact they might have been in the dental chair for many hours. This aspect of oral sedation makes it appropriate for anxious patients who are short on time and those desiring to complete a smile makeover as quickly as possible.

While oral conscious sedation is widely used, it is not for everyone. If you are allergic to the OCS sedatives or if you are taking medications incompatible with benzodiazepines, you cannot use oral sedation. If this is the case, the doctors at Champagne Smiles might be able to administer another form of sedation, such as IV sedation or nitrous oxide in New Jersey. As with any medical procedure, be sure to tell the doctor about any medical conditions you might have, such as heart problems, respiratory conditions, liver or kidney ailments, and systemic diseases. He will evaluate your candidacy and make sure that you receive sedation that is right for you.

After Your Oral Conscious Sedation Procedure

After your oral conscious sedation procedure, the effects of sedation will wear off gradually. This is why you need somebody to drive you home and keep an eye on you for a few hours. If you take the medication before arriving at Champagne Smiles’ office, you will also need someone to drive you there. Once the medicine wears off, you will have blurry or no recollection of what happened at the dentist’s office.

Schedule Your Conscious Oral Sedation Consultation Today

If you wish to improve your dental health but are afraid of dental procedures, ask Dr. Richard Champagne about your sedation dentistry options. Champagne Smiles and his team of doctors will perform a thorough evaluation and determine which sedation techniques can help you feel calm and relaxed and alleviate your dental fears during your dental treatments. To schedule a personal consultation, please call their offices at 732-972-0918.

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