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Intravenous (IV) Sedation Dentistry

Does the thought of going to the dentist send your heart racing? Do you suffer from a severe needle phobia or another psychological condition that prevents you from getting dental treatments? If so, there is a solution – it is called intravenous (IV) conscious sedation dentistry. Dr. Richard Champagne, as well as all of the doctors at Champagne Smiles, can help patients suffering from even extreme dental anxiety receive treatment in a safe, completely calm manner. To learn more, please explore the information below.

IV Conscious Sedation: What Is It?

IV sedation (also known as twilight dentistry) is an advanced form of sedation dentistry designed for patients suffering from dental fears and extreme anxiety. During an IV sedation procedure, a tiny catheter is inserted in the arm, and a sedative is slowly introduced in the system. If you suffer from needle phobia, nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation might be used before-hand to prepare you for the insertion of the needle.

Sedation Dentistry Promotion

While IV sedation is classified as general anesthesia, it is different from general anesthesia you might receive before surgery. During conscious IV sedation, you will be deeply relaxed and enter a state where you don’t care about what is happening. However, at the same time you will be able to perceive questions and provide coherent answers. After the procedure, you will have no recollection of what you said and what happened during your treatment. This is because the intravenous medications have an amnesic effect – they prevent the brain from creating any memories of what happened from after the drugs took effect until they wear off.

In order to enhance patient safety, at Champagne Smiles, IV sedation is administered by a professional anesthesiologist, Dr. Gordon Barnes. He will slowly increase the amount of medication in your system until the desired level of sedation is reached. Dr. Barnes will then stop the medication but continue to monitor your pulse, blood pressure and oxygen levels throughout the treatment. If needed, he will add more medication to make sure you are completely comfortable.

Intravenous Sedation: Is It For Me?

IV sedation dentistry might be for you if you suffer from extreme dental phobia. You might also be an IV sedation New Jersey candidate if you cannot achieve complete sedation through other methods (nitrous oxide or oral sedation). You might be resistant to oral sedation if you have been taking benzodiazepines for an extended time, and you might be resistant to nitrous oxide if your brain unconsciously but strongly resists the idea of “letting go.”

In addition, intravenous sedation is sometimes recommended for patients who desire to undergo extensive treatments during a single office visit. Because of the amnesia effect, IV sedation has been compared to time travel – the last thing you remember is slight lightheadedness as the drugs enter your system, and the next thing you know is sitting in the dentist’s recovery room.

While IV sedation is generally safe, you should tell Champagne Smiles and Dr. Barnes about any medical conditions you might have, and let them know if you took any other sedatives prior to arriving at their office. You should not eat or drink anything 8 hours before the procedure, and you should have somebody accompany you to the dentist’s office.

After Your IV Sedation Dental Procedure

IV sedation wears off gradually. This is why you will need somebody to take care of you after your procedure. Many of Champagne Smiles’ IV sedation dentistry patients report that they regained complete consciousness only at home. While they were talking to their family members or friends on their way home, they often have no memories of this. Once home, many patients prefer to “sleep off” the residual anesthesia, and they wake up with no memories of any dental work having been done. Quite often, the only sign that they underwent a procedure is a beautiful, dazzling smile.

Schedule Your IV Sedation Consultation Today

If you would like to learn how Champagne Smiles can help you overcome your dental fears, schedule a sedation dentistry consultation today. You can set up an appointment by calling the cosmetic dentistry offices of Champagne Smiles at (732) 561-4852.

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