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Benefits of Sedation Dentistry – Champagne Smiles

Dr. Richard Champagne and all the doctors at Champagne Smiles strive to provide sophisticated dental treatments in a safe, relaxing atmosphere. Champagne Smiles recognizes that many patients are prevented from receiving treatments they need due to dental phobia, anxiety and fear. He and his team of experienced doctors at Champagne Smiles are dedicated to helping even the most fearful individuals remain calm and relaxed throughout dental procedures by providing various sedation techniques.

Nitrous oxide, conscious oral sedation and IV conscious sedation can put sedation dentistry New Jersey patients in a dream-like state whereby they are deeply relaxed and emotionally unaffected by dental procedures. Read on to learn about the benefits of sedation dentistry.

Dental treatments without fear or discomfort

If you choose sedation dentistry, the doctors at Champagne Smiles will administer appropriate treatment to ensure that you remain calm and comfortable throughout your procedure. Many patients describe this state as “I don’t care” condition – i.e., they are aware of what is happening, but they do not feel any fear or apprehension. They are simply observing the procedure and enjoying a deep state of tranquility and well-being.

You remain in control

Sedation dentistry techniques will make you extremely relaxed and possibly sleepy, but you will not be asleep during your treatment. Instead, you will be able to perceive what is going on and answer any questions. You will also be able to tell Champagne Smiles if you begin to feel uncomfortable or if you need additional sedation or pain medications. In fact, Champagne Smiles and his staff will be continually asking questions to ensure that you are at an appropriate level of sedation.

Little or no memory

Depending on the sedation technique, you will have little or no recollection of your dental procedure. This is especially likely with IV conscious sedation because the medications used during IV sedation have an amnesic effect. Many people who are extremely anxious or phobic like the idea that they will not remember anything that happened after they received the sedative. Some patients describe this mental state as if their brain was “switched off” for a while.

Possibly less fear during next dental appointment

Because sedation dentistry makes the dental appointment very pleasant, it is possible that you will feel less apprehensive when the time comes for your next procedure. Since you will have no bad memories about your previous visit, you might even begin to look forward to getting additional dental work done. Many NJ sedation dentistry patients report that they find the thought of being able to receive sedation very calming by itself.

Pain-relieving effect with nitrous oxide

The doctors at Champagne Smiles typically combine sedation with local anesthesia in order to make their patients’ experience comfortable and pain-free. However, some sedation techniques (such as nitrous oxide sedation) also produce a pain-relieving effect. While this might not be enough for major procedures, it might be all that’s needed to make your deep cleaning treatment comfortable without additional painkillers.

Several procedures during a single visit

Sedation dentistry (particularly oral conscious sedation and IV sedation) usually makes patients feel as if they were time-traveling. After treatment, most patients feel as if it lasted only minutes when in fact they might have been in the dental chair for many hours. This is because the brain has little or no recollection of what happened during those hours. As a result, sedation dentistry enables busy individuals to receive several procedures during a single visit. This allows them to complete their smile makeovers much faster than without sedation.

For some patients – the ONLY way to receive dental treatment

Finally, for extremely anxious individuals sedation dentistry might be the only way to receive much-needed dental treatments and improve their oral health. Needle phobias, extreme fear of dental drills, traumatic past experiences or serious psychological problems can make traditional dental treatments impossible for many people. However, by receiving an appropriate sedation treatment, they are usually able to relax and complete their procedure without any fear or apprehension.

Schedule Your Sedation Dentistry Appointment Today

If you would like to pursue cosmetic dentistry but you feel too nervous, the doctors of Champagne Smiles encourage you to explore sedation dentistry. They can help you determine which sedation technique is the best for you, and explain how it will help you remain completely tranquil throughout your procedure. To schedule a personal consultation and learn whether you are a good sedation dentistry candidate, call Champagne Smiles at 732-972-0918.

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