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Sedation Dentistry – Champagne Smiles

Dr. Richard Champagne understands that some patients may experience anxiety during their dental procedure. To help these patients receive the dental care they need, Dr. Champagne and his colleagues  at Champagne Smiles offer several sedation dentistry techniques.

Sedation dentistry, also known as sleep dentistry, allows patients to feel relaxed and comfortable during their dentistry procedure with a mild sedative. Patients can receive dental sedation treatments with any of their general or cosmetic dentistry procedures, making each visit to Champagne Smiles pleasant and relaxing.

“I would never have believed there would be so little pain and discomfort if I had not experienced it for myself. To think that you finished with me around 4:00 pm and at 7:30 I enjoyed dinner with my family is so amazing. Again, my most heartfelt thanks.” – Helen Coburn

Dental Sedation at Champagne Smiles

Champagne Smiles offers four types of sedatives for his New Jersey sedation dentistry patients, including:

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, often referred to as “laughing gas,” is a non-invasive sedative that causes patients to feel at ease, while remaining conscious. Many sedation dentistry patients also claim they feel giddy or a sense of euphoria after inhaling the gas.

Nitrous Oxide with Valium

For more apprehensive patients, Champagne Smile dentists recommend nitrous oxide with Valium, an anti-anxiety medication. Their sedation dentistry patients are advised to take the Valium two hours before their appointment to help calm their nerves before the nitrous oxide is administered at his office.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is typically reserved for patients who are moderately afraid of dental procedures. Before the procedure, patients are given an anti-anxiety pill that can be swallowed or dissolved under the tongue. Patients remain conscious and verbally responsive after given the sedative, but will have little memory of the procedure once complete. Many patients who struggle with low pain thresholds, severe gag reflexes or require an extensive amount of dental treatments in one visit often receive oral conscious sedation to enhance their comfort levels during the procedure.

IV Sedation

The doctors at Champagne Smiles also offer intravenous sedation with a licensed anesthesiologist, Dr. Gordon Barnes, for patients experiencing severe anxiety, extreme dental fears or dental phobias. With IV sedation, patients are given a general anesthesia and are carefully monitored throughout the procedure. Upon completion, patients will have no recollection of the procedure.

General Anesthesia

In cases where patients experience extreme anxiety, or are undergoing a particularly extensive procedure, Dr. Champagne and Dr. Barnes are able to offer general anesthesia for dental treatment. When under general anesthesia for the dental procedure, patients are asleep during treatment, and will therefore experience no pain and have no recollection of their time in the dentist’s chair.

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Receiving Sedation Dentistry with Champagne Smiles

Champagne Smiles practices the highest standards of safety when performing sedation dentistry techniques on their patients. Dr. Champagne and his team carefully monitor patients while they are on sedatives to ensure optimal levels of health throughout the procedure.

Because sedatives affect patients differently, the dentists at Champagne Smiles strongly encourage their patients to prepare a ride home after the procedure. They discourage patients from driving themselves home after taking the sedative, unless they have been given clearance under specific circumstances.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Champagne, a leading NJ sedation dentist and his colleagues, will describe the treatment to patients, as well as explain various sedation options and sedation dentistry benefits. Dr. Champagne and all of the doctors at Champagne Smiles will work with each patient to help decide if he or she is a proper sedation dentistry candidate. They will also give patients a detailed list of pre- and post-procedure instructions to ensure they achieve healthy results without complications.


"Dr Champagne and his staff are friendly, kind and gentle, as well as extremely professional. Their offices are equipped with all modern conveniences as well, so you can watch tv or listen to the radio while having your check-up/treatment. I originally went because of the option for sedation dentistry (because of some fear I was experiencing), but after one appointment, this was no longer necessary. They were just that wonderful." — Jennifer K.

"I would never have believed there would be so little pain and discomfort if I had not experienced it for myself. To think that you finished with me around 4:00 pm and at 7:30 I enjoyed dinner with my family is so amazing. Again, my most heartfelt thanks." — Helen Coburn

"Before I became your patient I was deathly afraid of dentists. Now however, with your calm and gentle approach I no longer have that fear. I thank you for restoring my faith in the dental profession."
— Pat Hechko

"I recently visited the office of Champagne Smiles and was pleasantly surprised! This dental office really understands the true fear people have of the dentist. I felt welcome and very much comforted from the time I sat in the waiting room right up until I left. Champagne Smiles took his time to explain all of the treatments to me. His staff is excellent, the women at the front as well as his assistants are very informative and friendly. I would recommend this office to anyone, especially if you have a fear of dentistry…After a visit here you won’t be scared again!” — Joe

Schedule Your Consultation at Champagne Smiles Today

Nothing is more important to the dentists at Champagne Smiles than achieving remarkable results through safe, comfortable procedures. Dr. Champagne and his team are dedicated to ensuring patients receive pleasant dental experiences, and tailor their sedation dentistry techniques to best fit their patients’ needs. In some instances, patients can finance their sedation dentistry treatments through various financing options. To learn more about sedation dentistry at Champagne Smiles, please visit the sedation dentistry FAQs page or contact our office at 732-972-0918 to schedule a consultation.

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