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The Dangers of Teeth Grinding

The Champagne Smiles team has treated a number of different dental problems in our many years of practice, teeth grinding (bruxism) being one of them. Many people are unaware that they grind their teeth, until they visit our office for a teeth cleaning or check-up and our dentists or dental hygienists spot signs of the chronic habit.

If you know or suspect that you grind your teeth, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our team to assess the damage and explore options to prevent future teeth grinding.

Why We Grind Our Teeth

Almost everyone grinds their teeth on occasion, though the causes may vary. Usually we grind or clench our teeth if we feel anxious or angry. We may be so wrapped up in our thoughts that we don’t even realize we are grinding our teeth.

In some scenarios, stress builds throughout the day and we do all of our clenching and biting at night while we sleep.

Side Effects

Chronic tooth grinding can cause a bevy of undesirable damages. It may cause premature dental wear and tear, crack or loosen the teeth or break fillings. The gums may also recess because of teeth grinding, and the teeth may become extra sensitive to hot or cold foods/liquids.

Bruxism can also bother your significant other — some people grind their teeth so loudly that it wakes up their spouse.

Treating Bruxism

The best way to reduce the risk of complications from teeth grinding is by wearing a mouth guard that prevents your upper and lower teeth from gnashing together. Mouth guards range from boil-and-bite models to fully customizable designs fabricated by a dental laboratory. If you’d like, we can take impressions of your teeth and mouth to send to our lab for a custom mouth guard.

You may also want to consider addressing the underlying stress or anxiety that is causing you to clench your teeth. Perhaps take a yoga or meditation class to clear your mind and free you from anxiety-provoking thoughts. Or, talk to a loved one or a therapist about the issues that are making you tense. The less daily stress you experience, the less you will subconsciously grind your teeth.

Contact Champagne Smiles Today

For more information about bruxism and mouth guards, please call Champagne Smiles at 888-788-8615 or send us an email.

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