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Celebrity Smile Makeovers

celebrity smile makeovers

Are you on the fence about whether to improve your smile’s appearance with cosmetic dentistry treatment? Use the experiences of these celebrities who have had successful dental work to inspire you as you make your decision. Or, contact the New Jersey cosmetic dentists at Champagne Smiles to talk about your own smile makeover options.

Miley Cyrus

Cyrus can’t seem to shut her mouth lately. But, can you blame her? The ex-Disney starlet underwent a massive dental transformation in between her Hannah Montana days and launching her solo music career. Now, thanks to cosmetic dentistry, Cyrus enjoys a picture-perfect smile, with straight, white teeth.

Hilary Duff

Some people speculate that Duff had porcelain veneers placed twice. Allegedly, she had a set of veneers placed in 2005, but attracted murmurs that the veneers looked unnatural and too big for her mouth. According to reports, Duff returned to the dentist to have her veneers revised for a more natural look. Teeth whitening treatment may have also helped to improve the appearance of her beautiful smile.

Tom Cruise

Early pictures of Tom Cruise reveal a much different set of teeth from what you see now. Cruise reportedly spent tens of thousands of dollars to align and whiten his teeth. One thing he did not fix? The tooth in the exact center of his face. Google Image Search him for a better look at this anomaly!

Zac Efron

If you look at photos of Efron as a kid, you’ll notice a decent-sized gap between his teeth. In 2007, Efron told People magazine, “I got teased more about my gap than anything else.” It’s unclear what method he used to close the gap — it could have been Invisalign or dental bonding — but his smile certainly looks a lot more mature and appealing these days.

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan has completed quite a transformation over the past few years, including revamping her smile. She announced via Twitter in 2011 that she had teeth whitening treatment to lighten dull, dingy-colored teeth.

Jewel (Honorable Mention)

When Jewel emerged onto the folk music scene in the ’90s, she did not try to hide what she refers to as a “snaggletooth.” And she still doesn’t! Jewel did, however, wear temporary dentures to play June Carter Cash in a Lifetime movie. The dentures concealed her crooked teeth and closely resembled Cash’s beautiful, straight teeth.  Jewel ditched the dentures after filming. She told Redbook, “I’m happy with my teeth — they’re healthy and white and very crooked, and they’re part of me.”

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