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Practice Philosophy – Champagne Smiles

“Our office is the place for people who appreciate excellence.”
— Dr. Richard Champagne

Dr. Richard Champagne, believes strongly in contributing to the welfare of others and is proud to give patients enhanced oral health through his dentistry practice. He and his team combine their years of experience, knowledge, effort and hard work to deliver high levels of care to patients who wish to obtain ideal oral health.

Patients are more than patients to Champagne Smiles dentists — they are honored guests. Dr. Champagne and his team build and foster personal relationships with their patients that are based on deep mutual respect. Together, Champagne Smile dentists and their patients review their dental concerns and create a solution to their problems. Dr. Champagne and his team value and appreciate patients’ contributions, and believe it is this togetherness that leads to outstanding results.

Mission Statement

  • To create a safe and comfortable environment that changes our patients’ expectations of a dental visit.
  • To educate our patients to prevent disease and maintain optimum oral health.
  • To make a significant contribution to our patients by creating beautiful, healthy smiles that will last a lifetime.
  • To give patients a very fair exchange for the fees that they pay: both in the quality of the dentistry that they receive and in the manner in which they are treated.
  • To treat every patient like an honored guest.
  • To tailor our patient’s treatment by listening to their needs.

To learn more about Champagne Smiles, please call 732-972-0918 to schedule a consultation.

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