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New Patient Information – Champagne Smiles
For Your Convenience – New Patient Forms

As a leading NJ cosmetic dentist, Dr. Champagne and his dental team at Champagne Smiles understand your time is valuable, so they offer new patients the opportunity to complete their registration in the comfort of their own homes. Patients are encouraged to fill out the following (PDF) forms and bring them to their scheduled appointment.

Web Forms

patient web forms

The New Patient Experience

A new patient’s first appointment is a comprehensive examination that thoroughly evaluates the oral and general health. Champagne Smiles utilizes several advanced dental technologies to more accurately detect any type of oral abnormalities and diseases to help patients obtain successful treatments that improve their overall health.

Identafi Oral Cancer Screening

The dentists at Champagne Smiles use the sophisticated Identafi light wave technology to detect for soft tissue abnormalities that may signify oral cancer. During the examination, they pass over oral tissue using the Identafi, which is highly efficient at identifying oral cancer and other abnormal tissues within their early stages. When diagnosed early, oral cancer treatment is more than 90 percent successful.

Gum Disease

Patients are also evaluated for gum disease, a condition that causes inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, and can cause increased tooth sensitivity. In addition, gum disease has been linked to an increased risk of medical conditions such as stroke, heart attack, and pregnancy problems. The dentist at Champagne Smiles perform an evaluation of patients’ gums to determine if they suffer from periodontal disease, and create a dental plan to treat, reverse and prevent the condition.

Florida Probe

In addition to a physical evaluation of patients’ gums, Champagne Smile dentists administer the Florida Probe to gain a more detailed of patients’ mouths. The Florida Probe is an electronic device that measures gum disease in patients, and is useful in the evaluation and charting the progress of gum disease treatment.

Bite Assessment

The bite is the relationship between the jaw and the teeth that affects how teeth come together. Patients who struggle with poor bites may experience teeth grinding and temporomandibular disorder (TMJ). Champagne Smile dentists perform a physical evaluation of patients’ bite to determine if they may need ongoing therapy, including TMJ treatments.


Each tooth is evaluated with the DIAGNOdent laser-cavity detection system to determine the presence and/or extent of tooth decay. Because DIAGNOdent can detect the earliest forms of tooth decay, patients can treat these conditions in their early stages before they develop into more serious conditions.

Dexis Digital X-rays

Patients’ teeth and bone structures are evaluated with Dexis Digital X-rays during their consultations. Dexis Digital X-rays use less radiation than other X-ray machines, as well as produce the results at a quicker rate. With Dexis Digital X-rays, patients can achieve faster and safer consultations.


Champagne Smile dentists obtain a deeper understanding of patients’ mouths and teeth with the Dexcam intraoral camera, which produces detailed images inside of patients’ mouths. Dexcam allows our dentists to perform more detailed procedures and obtain higher levels of precision in treatments.


Patients who are found to have poor bites during a bite assessment may have success with NightGuard splints, a removable retainer that relieves the symptoms of poor bites. Champagne Smile dentists create personalized NightGuard splints to help patients who struggle with teeth grinding or clenching at night. The NightGuard appliance protects teeth from damage, as well as helps patients achieve the ideal bite relationship.

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